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Little Known Ways to Getting the Cheapest Car Insurance

There is no question that owning a car is expensive. Between car payments, maintenance and repairs, and soaring gas prices, everyone wants to find a way to save money. Obtaining the cheapest car insurance is a smart way to do this, and is easier than you think. Comparison shopping is the first thing most people do, and wisely so, but there are several not so well-known methods that can cut costs when purchasing car insurance.

You can save hundreds a year just by increasing your deductible. The larger your deductible, the less you will have to pay for your monthly premium. If you've never had an accident, and you are considered a very safe driver, increasing your deductible, something you may never even have to pay, can cut your monthly costs significantly. You can also lower your monthly premium by not getting full coverage on an older car. Consider only the coverage you need, and nothing extra, so you aren't spending unnecessary money. Insurance companies appreciate safety, so installing a security device in your car can also help you get the cheapest car insurance premiums.

Another way to cut costs that many people don't consider is garaging a vehicle that you don't drive year-round. By opting for storage insurance instead of full coverage for a car that isn't always used can save quite a bit of money. Being part of a group, such as the military, the AARP, or even a university, can reduce your policy rates. Not all companies advertise this affiliate-based discounting, so make sure you specifically ask for it.

Walk! The less time you spend driving in your car, the more likely you are eligible for a cheaper rate. These low mileage discounts are far more available than most people think, so again, ask for it!

There are numerous ways to save money on your car insurance, so do your research and look for the small, uncommon ways to get discounts. Whether you use one or several of these, every dollar you save is worth your effort.